Written by Gary Robinson with colorful illustrations by Jesse Hummingbird, this version tells of Old Red Shirt and his eight buffalo visiting and bring presents. Hardcover.  $25 each

Native American Night Before Christmas Book $25.00

Written by Gary Robinson Illustrated by Jesse T. Hummingbird

When out in the camp rose a noise so humongous I thought a wildcat had sneaked in among us!  At once I jumped up and ran through the clutter, Threw back the flap and made the lodge shudder!

Wonderfully narrative and musical versions of the two holiday books written by Gary Robinson and illustrated by Jesse Hummingbird. Each video runs about 5 minutes.$20 each

DVD $20.00

This is one of a series of books published by Benchmark Publishing. The story of the Cherokee was written by Traci Sorell and includes Jesse’s images. The second half of the book includes a story of the Laguna Pueblo.
$20 each

Book $20.00