Limited Edition Prints -3
All American Eagle Dancer
Take a Snap on 66

11" x 14"  on paper - matted to 16" x 20"

A great fun piece with a family next to their gold Cadillac taking a photo during a stop along the famous highway, Route 66. This is one of the first done a series of ‘Route 66’ pieces.

Kokopelli Image
They Smoke & Sing All Night

16" x 16"  on paper - matted to 20" x 20"

Here is a young man sitting with an old shaman. The young man is getting ready to learn the ways of the medicine and will someday take over the duties of the older man. He will sit all night with the older man, singing and smoking, as he learns from him.

Buffalo Leads, Deer Seconds
Under the Falling Sky

14" x 11"  on paper - matted to 20" x 16"

Jesse has done several romantic pieces showing a couple riding on a horse. In this piece the young couple is taking a ride during a time of a meteor shower, or falling stars, thought by many to be a most romantic time. One of Jesse’s and his wife Sandy’s first dates was to watch a meteor shower!

Birth of the Butterflies
Walela Love

11" x 14"  on paper - matted to 16" x 20"

“Walela” is the Cherokee word for hummingbird. Here is one of Jesse’s couples out in nature with the hummingbirds. Their body language reveals their affection for each other and a hummingbird couple joins them. Jesse usually depicts age of his people by their hair color. But because this couple has three different colors of hair, they can be any age they want.

Blue Jackets Hog
We Still Ride

14" x 11"  on paper - matted to 20" x 16"

After his first visit to the Black Hills, South Dakota, Jesse painted his versions of the monuments he visited. It was 2 weeks before the Sturgis bike rally, so there were many motorcyclists visiting as well. Here he's placed a cyclist on an early Indian Motocycle in front of the Crazy Horse monument....obviously still “in progress.” A tribute to the 'hundred year bloom' of wild flowers during the visit is shown at the bottom.

Buffalo Gets His First Bite
Winter Wolves

11" x 14"  on paper - matted to 16" x 20"

A man and woman of the wolf clan are out riding wearing their wolf- clan headdresses. It is winter and they have just stopped for a drink in the creek. Jesse painted the landscape of creek and canyon rocks as a combination of several canyons in the southwest.

Clan Matters

14" x 11"  on paper - matted to 20" x 16"

Often requested to do another “pony” piece, Jesse took the Indian Rodeo as inspiration for this. Here is an Indian rodeo entrant who has been selected to carry the pennants into the rodeo arena. Here he is practicing with his horse for that entry, his dogs chasing along side of him.

Clan Matters
We'll Share Our Burdens Together

11" x 14"  on paper - matted to 16" x 20

This Cherokee couple is walking along the Trail of Tears with all their possessions placed in a burden basket on the horse. They vow to each other that they will share their burdens—both physical and those in their hearts—equally.

Clan Matters
Ceremony for the New Fire

14" x 11  on paper - matted to 20" x 16"

When the Cherokee were removed to Oklahoma, they brought with them the fire that had been kept burning since they were given it by the Creator. When they reached their new home in Oklahoma, Elders held a ceremony for each community in which they started the new fire with the sacred flame brought with them.